Summer 2024

My Boss

36 episodes · TV Ongoing 你也有今天, Ni Ye You Jin Tian

Are Cheng Yao fantasies about turning into a top legal counselor going to materialize? It appears so – when she is out of the blue enrolled by a main lawful firm. Invigorated, she moves house so she can closer her new office. She moves in, ready for anything, and before long experiences her new flat mate Qian Heng. Nonetheless, a shock looks for her on her most memorable day at work. Qian Heng ends up being her immediate prevalent at the workplace and he ends up being extraordinarily fussy! Her preparation period rapidly transforms into a rite of passage, and she begins to feel like he is attempting to drive her out of the organization. In any case, Cheng Yao will not be so effortlessly deflected. She, not set in stone to demonstrate she has the stuff. Might her energy at any point send this couple on the way to amicability and even love?

Our Interpreter

36 episodes · TV Completed 我们的翻译官, The Interpreter , Wo Men De Fan Yi Guan , 我們的翻譯官

Lin Xi, who’s known as the “witch” in the interpretation business, reunites with ex Xiao Yi Cheng. A long time back, she parted ways with him for satisfying her mom’s desire for her to turn into an expert mediator for the Unified Countries.

After eight years, Lin Xi has turned into the most youthful boss translator at Huasheng while her ex Xiao Yi Cheng has turned into the central innovation official of a correspondences organization, which likewise makes him her possible client.

To land an agreement with Xiao Yi Cheng, Lin Xi must choose the option to continue to manage him. She assists his organization with opening up to the world, and despite the fact that it appears to be that Xiao Yi Cheng is on a mission to seek retribution on Lin Xi, he really doesn’t have the heart to be spiteful to her. Work revives their enthusiastic relationship, and Xiao Yi Cheng step by step comes to comprehend the explanation she said a final farewell to him. Together, they endeavor to understand their fantasy about “representing the country”.

Sword and Fairy

36 episodes · TV Completed 祈今朝, Pray for the Present , The Legend of Sword and Fairy 6

The two amnesiac young people, Yue Jin Zhao and Yue Qi have been meandering the land looking for their characters and pasts, just for Yue Qi to lose every last bit of her cash to an individual from the Risen Soul Faction. During the time spent attempting to recuperate the lost cash, they get together with Luo Zhou Yan, the top of the “Transitory” Luo family, who is leading endeavors in her district to annihilate the clique and uncover its violations. As the Yue kin and Luo Zhao Yan combine efforts with one another and individuals from the Genuine Military Coalition: Ju Shi Tooth, Ming Xin, and her uncle Xian Qing, to uncover the heads of the religion while beating their own evil presences and learning about the baffling associations working in the shadows.

Sword and Fairy 4

36 episodes · TV Completed 仙剑四, The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4 , Xian Jian Qi Xia Chuan Si , Tian He Zhuan , Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 4

Yun Tian He, a immature adult male World Health Organization had been people unsocial connected a mount peak, was connected a daily wild boar hunt journey when helium came crosswise the immature adult female Han Ling Sha, from a kin of ephemeral grave raiders, attempting to interruption into his parents’ tomb, culminating successful the devastation of the tomb, and scene him connected a journeying aboard Ling Sha to the after-school global to bring out his parents’ past. On the journey, they encountered and befriended the adoptive girl of the judge of Shouyang, Liu Meng Li, World Health Organization seemed to rich person connections to Tian He’s male parent and a accomplished and benignant swordmaster World Health Organization disciplined astatine Mt. Kunlun’s Qionghua School since a immature age, Murong Zi Ying.