Summer 2023

Aphiniha Sne

? episodes · TV Completed

A heartfelt story between two people and a young lady. Davika and Pawee were a couple however because of a mishap, she thought he was dead. Davika at last continues on with Chatchawin, who was dependably close by and helped recuperating her wrecked heart. Be that as it may, she loved constantly Pawee. After six years, Pawee returns. Between an old love profoundly engraved in her heart, and another affection with dreams of a brilliant future… Who is she going to pick?

Fireworks of My Heart

40 episodes · TV Completed 我的人间烟火, My Fireworks on Earth, Waiting for You in a City, Wo De Ren Jian Yan Hou

Growing up, Melody Yan and Xu Qin were awesome of companions. Be that as it may, as they became older, their families started to see their companionship in a negative light. Reluctant to permit their relationship to go any farther, Melody Yan and Xu Qin were constrained separated by their families, at no point ever to see each other in the future.

In the decade since their constrained division, both Melody Yan and Xu Qin have endeavored to construct the existence they’ve for a long time truly cared about. As fire boss, Tune Yan has committed his life to saving others. Strangely, Xu Qin has likewise made it her all consuming purpose to save others as a crisis specialist. However working in completely various fields, it was inevitable before destiny stepped in to rejoin the previous companions. United by their work, Tune Yan and Xu Qin aren’t precisely excited to be brought together by and by.

Working one next to the other, it’s not difficult to perceive the development each has made throughout the long term, yet there’s still such a lot of Xu Qin and Melody Yan to manage on the off chance that they will transform this new relationship of theirs into something else. Do they have the stuff to defeat the impediments before them or is their ongoing relationship bound to be basically as short lived as the last?

Love Me, Love My Voice

33 episodes · TV Completed 很想很想你, Really, Really Miss You , Really Miss You , Hen Xiang Hen Xiang Ni , Missing You

A college understudy has another character – online she is “Sheng Man” who does music for the verifiable class. Despite the fact that she is as yet no one worth mentioning, it doesn’t prevent her from longing for the day she can team up with her number one voice naming god “Qiang Qing Ci.”

Driven by her enthusiasm, Gu Sheng who is in her senior year is persistent in forming and making music. In the mean time, Mo Qing Cheng is the popular voice entertainer known as “Qiang Qing Ci.” Gu Sheng has never advised anybody that her most noteworthy wish is to have the option to work with “Qiang Qing Ci,” yet at some point, she out of the blue experiences his voice. Mo Qing Cheng recites a recipe without holding back to her, which mixes her heartstrings.

Mysterious Lotus Casebook

40 episodes · TV Completed 莲花楼,Auspicious Pattern Lotus House, Ji Xiang Wen Lian Hua Lou

“Mysterious Lotus Casebook” is an outfit combative techniques secret show coordinated by Guo Hu (“Undying Samsara: Section 1”) and Ren Haitao (“Love and Fate”). It stars Cheng Yi (“Eternal Samsara: Section 1”), Joseph Zeng (“Meet Yourself”), and Xiao Shunyao (“Till the Finish of the Moon”) in the main jobs. The series is adjusted from the book “The Propitious Lotus Pinnacle” by Feng Ping. It recounts the tale of Li Xiangyi, the prestigious head of the Sigu School in the combative techniques world, who is seriously harmed in a significant fight. He withdraws from the hand to hand fighting world and turns into an unassuming doctor named Li Lianhua. Nonetheless, his quiet life is upset when he experiences Tooth Duobing, another companion tormented by ailment, and his old foe Di Feisheng. Once more li Xiangyi is brought into the universe of hand to hand fighting. A decade prior, Li Xiangyi (played by Cheng Yi), as the top of the Sigu School, was hailed as the unrivaled expert of the Xiangyi Blade, sparkling as an image of nobility in the hand to hand fighting world. In any case, during a fight with Di Feisheng, the head of the Jinyuan Association, the two impressive heroes vanished without a follow in the immense ocean. Both the Sigu School and the Jinyuan Association experienced weighty misfortunes and progressively evaporated from the combative techniques world. After a decade, Li Lianhua (played by Cheng Yi), a meandering nation specialist, goes with a Lotus Pinnacle, unexpectedly acquiring the standing of an eminent doctor. In spite of the fact that he at first in no way wanted to engage in the hand to hand fighting world, he becomes ensnared in it. Tooth Duobing (played by Joseph Zeng), a young fellow who fantasies about turning into an honorable legend, understands that Li Lianhua isn’t conventional and promises to uncover his actual way of life as a phony specialist. In the mean time, Di Feisheng, who has consistently viewed Li Xiangyi as his imposing adversary, perceives the subtle nation specialist Li Lianhua as Li Xiangyi. He won’t let him go without any problem.

Nisai Sne Chong Zi

Tencent Video
50 episodes · TV Completed និស្ស័យស្នេហ៍ឆុងជឺ, The Journey of Chong Zi, 重紫, Chong Zi

The devil lord Ni Lun was demolished leaving the evil spirit family shredded as they escape into the human domain. Chong Zi is unadulterated and kind, yet she holds areas of strength for a breath inside her. Subsequent to being saved by the unfading Chu Bu Fu, not set in stone to develop at Nanhua yet is dismissed as it has been predicted that she will end up being a devil.

As of now, the respected Luo Yin Fan shockingly acknowledges Chong Zi as his main devotee. Chong Zi is exceptionally dependent on Luo Yin Fan and wants for no good reason more than to be close by. Thus, Luo Yin Fan vows to safeguard her. An intrigue prompts Chong Zi’s detainment and Luo Yin Fan can’t effectively help, prompting her passing for harmony.

In her subsequent life, Chong Zi comes to Nanhua once more. Luo Yin Fan perceives her in one look. To safeguard her, he seals the malevolent miasma inside her and keeps her nearby, in this manner proceeding with their relationship as expert and supporter. In any case, there can be no getting away from the wheel of destiny. Yet again chong Zi turns into the objective of a large number of bolts. Angrily, she embraces her satanic side and arrives at the final turning point.

Destiny has pulled a brutal prank on the star-crossed sweethearts – one is the respected expert who conveys the world on his shoulders while different has the blood of the evil spirit family streaming in her veins. They weakly fell head over heels, vulnerably betrayed one another, yet they actually can’t break liberated from their sentiments. Could their affection at any point shake the principles of paradise and earth?

Only for Love

36 episodes · TV Completed 以爱为营, Cuo Liao , 错撩 , 以愛為營 , 錯撩 , Yi Ai Wei Ying , Accidental Love

Zheng Shu Yi is a hard-working newsman for 1 of China’s prima fiscal newspapers. She’s resolute to onshore a front-page story, sol she is pull retired each the Michigan to onshore Associate in Nursing interrogation with 1 of the undefined talked-about immature CEOs successful the onshore – Shi Yan. For his part, the man of affairs is sounding to brand a ordering of investments successful likely beginning firms arsenic a manner of big backmost to the community.
A mixup occurs betwixt the two, and their paths transverse again. But arsenic they (inadvertently) return to knowing 1 another, they beginning to recognize their destinies May beryllium intertwined. Shi Yan discovers that Zheng Shu Yi’s extended coverage calling agency precise a few group knowing more than astir undefined startups. He agrees to Lashkar-e-Taiba her compose a ordering of stories astir his company, causation them to fitting once again and again. But could this flowering on the job human relationship besides Pb them connected the way to love?

Pkay Sne Preah Krous

40 episodes · TV Completed

At the point when the sovereign of the human world brought forth twin young ladies, paradise and earth cheered. Raised as the cherished princesses that they were, the senior sister, Qing Kui (He Xuan Lin) was referred to by all as a delicate and kind young lady, while the more youthful sister, Ye Tan (Landy Li) was known for her knowledge and clever.

Humans hold Qing Kui in high regard, and her fame spreads to the celestial realm. The gods were then impressed by her and chose her to be the celestial Concubine, who was then engaged to the heavenly prince Xuan Shang Jun (Chen Xing Xu). Ye Tan frequently experiences bullying and rejection from her community, in contrast to her sister, who is praised by both people and gods. As a result, she finally catches the eye of the gods, who determine she is suitable to marry Chao Feng, the third demon prince (Luke Chen). The two sisters are getting ready to start their new lives after the plans for their nuptials are finalized, but it appears that fate still has one more card to play.

Qing Kui and Ye Tan are soon married to the wrong man when their palanquins get mixed up on the way to their nuptials. Despite the two mismatched couples’ budding romance, trouble is brewing in the four realms. Will these two sisters be able to find peace in the tumultuous realms with their love and lives shortly on the line?

Adapted from the novel “Star Falling into Sugar” by Yi Du Jun Hua, “The Starry Love”, the third installment of “The Honey Trilogy”, is a 2023 Chinese fantasy romance drama directed by Chu Yui Bun.

Sdach Sva 2023

43 episodes · TV Completed

A narrative astir the Heaven’s manner and the anomalies that arise. Monkey was defined retired of a stone 3 one hundred old age ago. Unwilling to evaluate his fate, helium stands ahead against fate successful command to alteration the future.
Monkey (Raymond Lam) starts connected a roadworthy towards amaranthine socialization to prevention himself. The journeying is hard and treacherous, merely helium gets blessed past the aureate feathery canary-yellow (Angelina Jiang) World Health Organization sacrifices her ain being for him. Vowing to raise her, helium travels cold and broad to semen nether the tuition of a master. Along the way, helium becomes embroiled successful a complex human relationship with the guiltless Feng Ling (Eva Chang) and the disdainful Yang Chan (Jiang Mengjie). He besides gets caught successful a fighting betwixt the demons and the celestial realm.

Snow Eagle Lord

40 episodes · TV Completed 雪鹰领主, : Lord Snow Eagle , Dongbo Xueying Land , Xue Ying Ling Zhu , 雪鷹領主

Dong Bo Xue Ying, otherwise called the Snow Falcon Master, is a young fellow who was brought into the world in a land known as Snow Bird An area. His dad came from humble starting points to ultimately purchase Snow Bird An area. He rose to turn into an honorable, and wedded a lady who had escaped her own blue-blooded family. As Dong Bo Xue Ying becomes older, he starts to understand that the harmony he knew as a young fellow is very nearly breaking. His folks are captured and he sets out to free them. To exacerbate the situation, wicked powers are hoarding their powers in anticipation of an attack on the Xia group. Dong Bo Xue Ying comprehends that a legend should ascend to overcome the devils – and that that legend should be him! In any case, he can’t overcome these huge powers all alone. So he chooses to combine efforts with Yu Jing Qui, likewise a considerable youthful fighter, and an individual from the world class Changfeng Foundation. The band incorporates the youthful instant transportation expert Pu Yang Bo. Together, they pool their otherworldly powers, fantastic hand to hand fighting abilities, and impressive brains. Will this be sufficient to overcome the devil crowd – or will evil immerse the domain?

Soben Sne Niteakha Rodov

? episodes · TV Ongoing សុបិនស្នេហ៍និទាឃរដូវ, Romance of a Twin Flower, The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir, 春闺梦里人

Ji Man is a Haifang-born young lady. She is upbeat and has a sharp business sense. She is injured in an unexpected accident while on her way to Beijing to follow her goals. She discovers she has lost her memories when she wakes up. She is also currently residing in a strong dynasty’s palace for unknown reasons.

Even worse, she learns that everyone in this palace seems to mistake her for someone else—a wicked, cunning, and renegade lady! She also learns that Ning Yu Xuan, the cold-blooded, aloof, and impulsive dynasty master, is the man she is purportedly destined to marry. Ji Man decides to go, but she still has a great desire to give her

Sunshine by My Side

36 episodes · TV Completed 骄阳伴我, Jiao Yang Ban Wo , The Sun Accompanies Me , Sunshine With Me , 驕陽伴我

Jian Bing, a notable publicizing chief, and Sheng Yang, a newbie in the business, haphazardly ran into each other inside an eatery one day. One has quite recently finished a marriage, while the other was sitting tight for an affection to at last self-destruct. These two outsiders in the end fostered a bond and started leaving on an excursion of wonderful development and maturing sentiment. With the organization of Sheng Yang, Jian Bing had the option to restore her certainty both throughout everyday life and in adoration though Sheng Yang grew up from a youthful and lighthearted youth to one with a sharp edge under the direction and consolation of Jian Bing. The two recuperated one another, grew up together, and extra time figured out how to cherish each other.

Be that as it may, challenges in life are unavoidable. Confronted with their disparities both in their personalities and encounters, protests towards their relationship inside their families, and bits of gossip in the working environment raising, Jian Bing and Sheng Yang at long last chosen to let their future work out through the process of everything working out. Three years passed, permitting them to develop and improve. A great deal of their firsts were enjoyed with one another, and this trust they held and the encounters they shared in those days went around lastly found them, causing them to float towards one another once more.

Tep Thida Phop Preah Angkea

07 episodes · TV Completed ទេពធីតាភពព្រះអង្គារ, Venus on Mars (2023), 火星上的維納斯

“Venus On Mars,” a 6-part advanced conception sci-fi, romanticist drama series, features a gathering of best-selling casts from Taiwan and Singapore with Taiwanese actor Ivy Shao and Tsao Yu Ning fetching the prima roles, backed past undefined Boyband SpeXial associate Wes Lo, seasoned histrion Renzo Liu and Taiwan-based Singapore actors Gina Lim and Wong Jing Lun. The narrative revolves about Associate in Nursing undergrad student, Weina (played past Ivy Shao). In “Venus connected Mars,” Weina is by chance transported into a antiparallel global where location ar lone work force – the ‘M-Earth.’ In this brand-new global where she is the lone female, Weina re-evaluates her ain thoughts connected doctrine and sameness betwixt genders, life, and love. The ordering is beingness produced past Mocha Chai Laboratories’ Managing Partner, Michelle Chang, a seasoned successful Content and Business Development. Furthermore, 1 of Singapore’s undefined fecund and victory filmmakers, Chai Yee Wei arsenic the manager with activity from producers of CJ ENM Korea arsenic book consultants. The ordering is successful coaction with victory seasoned Taiwanese manufacturer Phil Tang (GM of Greener Grass Productions and Monomyth Films) and backhand past victory Taiwanese author Huang Yu Chia (Golden Bell Awards for Best Script). Filming is fetching topographic point successful Taiwan, with post-production successful Singapore. CJ ENM is manual labor world-wide distribution.

The Last Immortal

40 episodes · TV Completed 神隐, The Hidden God , Shen Yin , 神隱 , 黄土

In a world overflowing with wizardry and secret, Feng Yin, a female soul exploring the intricacies of her actual personality, leaves on a journey to assemble the pieces of her dissipated unfading quintessence. Close by her is Gu Jin, the child of the “genuine god”, with his enchanted powers fixed, adding layers of intricacy to their developing relationship.

When expert and worker, their dynamic changes in the midst of individual difficulties. In the midst of preliminaries, a significant association arises, recommending the potential for a more profound bond. As destinies interlace, Feng Yin and Gu Jin, powered by reverence and trust, embrace an extraordinary excursion to recover her godlike pith.

The Legend of Anle

39 episodes · TV Completed 安乐传, The Legend of Anle , An Le Zhuan , An Le Chuan , Di Huang Shu

Di Zi Yuan looks for vengeance after her family was erroneously blamed for treachery a decade prior and decapitated by the ruler’s order.

As the last one standing, she changes her name to Ren A Le and plans her direction into the court. She respects Crown Sovereign Han Ye’s anxiety for his kin’s government assistance. While gradually creating affections for him, she stays tormented by her past, unfit to excuse the ill will that exists between their two families.