Summer 2022

Bondasa Sneha Chlong Phop

40 episodes · TV Completed

Flying to the Moon Youthful Liu Shao meets a enigmatic adult male with whom she trades her approaching for 3 full agelong periods of satisfaction. At first, she has carried connected with the blithe being of a spiritualty until she became embroiled successful the fighting betwixt the immortals and the atrocious spirits. Her organization prompts the disentangling of a a few dear entrapments among herself and Lu Li, the shrouded divine ariled successful secret.

DenDey Vireak Chon

38 episodes · TV Completed

The caring Wang Xiao Shi passes on the mountain interestingly to travel. He experiences Wen Rou, Bai Chou Fei, and Su Meng Zhen who become his long lasting companions. In the capital city where the fit succeed, he encounters fellowship and sentiment. Crushing evil with his companions changes him from unpracticed youth to capable legend.

Domnok Chheam Nak Klahan

40 episodes · TV Completed

As a pupil of the Lei Group, Lei Wu Jie can hardly stand by to demonstrate his value as a legend, however as a just barely entered the military beginner expressions world, the way to turning into a genuine legend is troublesome, best case scenario. Courageous by the difficulties that lay before him, Wu Jie advances toward the extraordinary city of Xue Yue, sure that his time there will shape him into the legend he so yearns to be. Sadly, his outing to Xue Yue is waylaid by a sad disaster at the Estate of Fallen Snow. As owner of the Manor, Xiao Se has every one of the vibes of a well off landlord, however he can scarcely stand to keep the hotel open. Battling with his business, Xiao Se is not exactly satisfied when his foundation is harmed by the jokes of a youthful, wannabe legend. Requesting that he offer to set things straight for the harm he caused, Wu Jie can imagine just a single method for conciliating the crotchety Xiao Se, and that is to take him with him. With no different choices, the two set off together with next to no thought of what destiny has available for them.

Preah Neang Mjas Kompul Sne

22 episodes · TV Completed ព្រះនាងម្ចាស់កំពូលស្នេហ៍, My Sassy Princess, 祝卿好

Liu Ling is a youthful individual from the regal family who has been conceded the propitious title of Princess Chang Le by the Ruler – who has a weakness for her (and barely cares about her dad). She is matured 20, and as of not long ago she has carried on with a spoiled and favored life. She is eccentric, eager, and very bratty. In any event, when individuals sumptuous gifts upon her, she treats them with scorn. She has a propensity for annoying individuals up and acting indiscreetly – a reality that has seen her foster numerous foes at court. Indeed, even the normal people have a propensity for spreading vindictive – and frequently absolutely unwarranted – bits of hearsay about her.

On her birthday, she chooses – spontaneously – to go out of the castle to savor a confidential room at a select motel. She drinks herself into a trance and is working off the liquor when Shen Yan, a youthful armed force commandant and a super cold military craftsman coincidentally finds her room subsequent to having been harmed in a sword battle with a famous outlaw. The Princess succumbs to this injured fighter and attempts to prevail upon him – in spite of the fact that he at first doesn’t appear to be extremely dazzled with her advances. However, given time, might this far-fetched couple at some point initiate a relationship – or a much more improbable sentiment?

Songkream Than Taing3

59 episodes · TV Completed

Yan Dan and her twin sister, Zhi Xi, are the sole relatives of the antiquated clan the Four-Leaved Lotus. Yan Dan’s general existence is a gold mine of drugs. She and twin sister Zhi Xi changed into human structure 100 years before while going to the Sovereign Mother’s Gala, yet Yan Dan confronted the best preliminary of her life – the adoration preliminary. Falling head over heels for Master Ying Yuan brought about her squandering the accompanying 900 years attempting to fail to remember him. Such an exorbitant cost to pay!

Presently the strong Yu Mo enters her life, empowering her day to day to perform great deeds. While rebuffing evil, they experience Master Ying Yuan’s ongoing rebirth, Tang Zhou, the devil tracker. They help Tang Zhou in his journey to find the four old relics, uncovering a much more strange mystery. Could the threesome at any point find the proof they need notwithstanding the risks?

Veasna Pka Krodas

? episodes · TV Ongoing វាសនាផ្កាក្រដាស, The Root (2022), Rakkaew, รากแก้ว

Roithongsai is Associate in Nursing orphaned miss World Health Organization was adoptive past Rangrong’s father. Upon Rangrong’s father’s death, she was looked aft past Rangrong. When Roithongsai discovers that Rangrong views her successful a romanticist manner and non arsenic a sister, she attempts to tally away. However, this undertaking seems to beryllium rather hard since Rangrong is ever about her, observation her.
This play is astir a immature girl’s journeying of escaping her helper World Health Organization is sexually kinky and has caused her a batch of trauma. Will Roithongsai beryllium undefined to alteration her life?