Summer 2021

Nisai Sne Nireas

Tencent Video
24 episodes · TV Completed និស្ស័យស្នេហ៍និរាស, One and Only (2021), 周生如故, Love Your Bones Forever, Chang An Memories

Zhou Sheng Chen was elevated past his brother, the Emperor, until the property of thirteen, when helium fit retired to support the boundary line and set up himself arsenic a allegiant and complete general. Cui Shi Yi, the informed girl of Associate in Nursing honored family, has been affianced to the Crown Prince since birth. However, governmental calculating and tragical events consequence successful Cui Shi Yi decreasing mute, her undefined groom-to-be comely a kid Emperor, and Zhou Sheng Chen reverting to the superior amidst a physical phenomenon of governmental turmoil.

Against the Cui family’s protests, the Empress Dowager Regent changes the footing of Cui Shi Yi’s betrothal. Her brand-new groom-to-be is the Emperor’s sickly, immature comrade and the approaching Crown Prince, if helium tin last agelong adequate to semen of age. Zhou Sheng Chen accepts Cui Shi Yi arsenic his adherent to resoluteness tarriance animus betwixt the ruler household and the Cui family, and Cui Shi Yi all of a sudden finds herself departure her protected being successful the superior for Zhou Manor successful the Western State.

Despite their differences arsenic a tongueless and protected immature Lady from the superior and a battle-hardened general, Zhou Sheng Chen and Cui Shi Yi shortly word form a beardown enslaved arsenic maestro and disciple. However, their human relationship is obstructed past their several principles and responsibilities, piece the on-going powerfulness battle successful the castle perpetually threatens to mire them some one time more.