Summer 2020

Dance of the Sky Empire

28 episodes · TV Completed 天舞纪, Dance of the Sky , Tian Wu Ji , Tenki , Dance of the Empire , 妖气长安 , 天舞紀

The story is set against the background of the prosperous Tang Line in a time where people have crushed the Incomparable Mythical serpent lord. Moyun Foundation is the main institute in Extraordinary Tang. In any case, it is said that an understudy of the school will turn into the impetus for the arrival of the mythical beast lord as well as the family Kunwu. The appearance of Li Xuan, a human and Kunwu mixture; Su You Lian, a saintess; and Long Wei trama center, a sovereign, breaks the delicate harmony. During this time every one of the three become caught in a muddled relationship. As Li Xuan ultimately turns into a legend to individuals, he faces a situation of choosing where his loyalty lies, with his heart and what his identity is or with his country and individuals he has known since youthful?

Kanchrong Kantuy 9

32 episodes · TV Completed

The legendary nine-followed fox, or gumiho, Lee Yeon needed to get comfortable the city quite a while back. Ready to change into human structure, he annihilates powerful creatures that undermine the human world. His genuine point is to track down the resurrection of his lost first love.

The capable TV maker Nam Ji Ah deals with a show that highlights metropolitan fantasies. Previously, her folks were engaged with a secretive auto collision and vanished, and she thinks that Lee Yeon may be associated with this mishap.

The stepbrother to Lee Yeon is the charming Lee Rang. Regardless of being half-human himself, he harbors a firmly established hatred for all individuals. For sport, he will release his enchanting ability upon his human-of the day by promising to concede them their desires, just to fool them into following through on a strong cost for their natural cravings.

Komnum Sne Pdo Kay

36 episodes · TV Ongoing គំនុំស្នេហ៍ប្ដូរកាយ, Renascence (2020), Feng Li Jiu Tian , Phoenix Day , 凤唳九天

Set in the mid twelfth 100 years, war takes steps to emit across the place that is known for Da Chu, and the Supreme court is loaded up with defilement and interest. The savage Head and his bad comrades plot to kill Sovereign Yao Mo Xin – and are effective in their pernicious endeavors. In the mean time, other pernicious gatherings pursue down Yao Mo Wan, the Sovereign’s more youthful sister.


In a night loaded with secret, the dead sovereign’s soul enters the body of her more youthful sister, aim on getting back at individuals who violated and harmed her to death. The Ruler, in Yao Mo Wan’s body, enters the Magnificent Court, set on looking for retaliation. She likewise meets (and succumbs to) Ye Jun Qing, a youthful Da Chu sovereign.


As she finds the size of the debasement in the court, she chooses to put forth a valiant effort to see that Ye Jun Qing dismisses the malicious Head. She utilizes the best apparatuses available to her: her brains and normal knowledge to help her cherished in getting the lofty position.